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As part of the Rivne Volunteer Community program, our volunteers not only help others by making their lives brighter and lighter, infecting others with the kindness and showing that, without …


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Visit to children’s regional hematology-oncology hospital as a part of the project “Wonderful small caps – Rivne”

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Creative master class as a part of the Bikur Cholim project

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The “Wonderful little caps – Rivne” project

  In March 2017, there was held an auction of the best projects from participating cities at the Volunteer Community coordinators seminar. At this event, “Rivne Volunteer Community” acquired two …

A charity sale “-50% is +50!”

    On December 3, there was held a charitable sale of the clothes provided by our friends from the Dutch Jewish community, which was organized in Rivne Regional Charitable …

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Rafalskaya Lyubov Borisovna
Rafalskaya Lyubov Borisovna

Lyuba was born and grew up in Tomsk (Russia) in the family of radio engineers. Then her father was transferred to the city of Rivne, so, the whole family moved …

Rafalskaya Lyubov Borisovna
Rafalskaya Lyubov Borisovna
Rivne | Ukraine

Lyuba was born and grew up in Tomsk (Russia) in the family of radio engineers. Then her father was transferred to the city of Rivne, so, the whole family moved here. About 12 years ago Lyuba’s father left for Germany. A few years later, Lyuba’s sister Vera with her children also immigrated to Germany.

Lyuba graduated from the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Chernivtsi and has been working for many years as head of a pharmacy.

She is married and has a son, Mikhail. She lives with her husband Oleg and her mother Nadezhda Zarkh who sings in the Freileche Neshama choir.

Lyuba and her whole family take an active part in all Jewish Community Programs. Her son Mikhail attends children’s creative studios and the Sunday School. They go to Shabbatons and family camps. They are members of the Young Family Club and participate in almost all Community projects and celebrations.

When Rivne Volunteer Community was founded, Lyuba and her husband came up with great ideas: Lyuba runs the Flea Market Project and Oleg runs the Beauty and Health Project. Lyuba got this idea because she is fond of fashion and hates to throw clothing away.

Wonder Hat Project is another great idea of hers.

Her motto is: “It is easy to do good deeds but it is hard to forget about them”. That is why she helps others.