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17.12.2018 22:03

The project “Health in Colors” – painting walls in the elective surgery department of the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital.

From August 10 to August 31, volunteers of the “Rivne Volunteer Community” created beautiful things and brought bright colors to everyday life of the elective surgery department of the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital.

As a part of the Health in Colors project, this was the first serious stage of the work – the painting of 4 large separation walls and the drawing of more than 15 small drawings, which connected all the drawings together with a single topic.

The Elective Surgery Department of the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital was full of bright colors, making children and the hospital medical staff smile. The volunteers had been creating interesting and colorful drawings on the walls of the department for 3 weeks, and on August 31, there was the last day of this creative work!

The first large “object” in the context of the “Health in colors” project is completed and accepted 🙂 Bright bees filled the hospital department next to four large drawings. These worker bees resemble the department staff, because there is a lot of work here – several operations per day and at least 30 children in the hospital.

In the context of the project during the work of volunteers in the department, there were arranged 7 art therapies with children, who were treated there. Here we would especially like to note that the children got up even the next day after the operation in order to visit art lessons, and this once again underlines the importance and necessity of the project.

And how nice it is to see that the moms show the children drawings in the department, suggest them searching and counting bees, and the children are smiling and laughing, forgetting about the pain and tears!

9 volunteers took part in the project – artists by profession and artists at heart. They all received real pleasure from participating, and are looking forward to the next events of the project.

Of course, it was not easy to create beautiful drawings on the yellow walls of the department. But these bright colors help to improve the health condition of children and distract them from negative emotions – and this is good news for us!

At the end of this part of the project, the chief doctor of the hospital V. Boyko and the deputy of the chief doctor on the nursing part awarded volunteers with an official letter-gratitude and words of appreciation. And the volunteers thanked the staff of the children’s hospital and department for their patience and understanding to creative people, as well as for giving permission to imagine and create in comfortable conditions!

We hope that this creative collaboration in colors will be the beginning of a long and good story of friendship!

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